About Nordic Game Artisans

The Nordic Game Artisans is a group of independent board game designers organized around the common cause of getting our games out into shops across the world. To get a game approved for publisher presentation by our organisation, it has to go through three rigorous quality assessment steps:

  1. Alpha (idea),
  2. Beta (functional prototype)
  3. Gamma (fully tested, mechanically sound and fun game).

A central point of our evaluation at each step, is if we can envision the game being picked up by at least one specifically named publisher.

This quality check ensures two things:

  • We as designers don't waste our time chasing uncommercial designs
  • Publishers can trust that our games are always worth considering

The original idea for Nordic Game Artisans was directly inspired by the Game Artisans of Canada. They have kindly allowed us to use a very similar name although there is no direct affiliation between the two organisations.