Nordic Game Artisans

At Nordic Game Artisans we strive to select and present publisher-ready boardgames.

We do this by:

  • Establishing a network of game designers who pool our highest standards of quality in design.
  • Peer reviewing game designs on all stages of development from ideas through concept building and blind testing to pitching to publishers.
  • Awarding publisher-ready games with our seal of approval. See the List of approved games.

Publishers are invited to

If you are a publisher feel free to browse through our list of approved games. We aim to present our games in a comprehensive way that allows you to identify games that fit with your publishing line. The list is organic so be sure to check back any time.

Designers are invited to

Currently we have a couple of active chapters but we're always looking to expand. We invite fellow game designers to join us or create their own local chapter in any neighbouring cities or countries. A chapter is a group of 6 to 12 members (if you have more consider starting two chapters).

As a member of Nordic Game Artisans you:

  • Aim to have your games published (through established publishers, Kickstarter campaigns or self-publication).
  • Meet with your chapter bi-monthly or so.
  • Have your game designs peer reviewed by other chapters and review prototypes yourself.
  • Upload pictures and descriptions of your games to this site to allow feedback from other members.
  • Get access to our forum where we discuss things related to publishing games.